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We always ask our clients to contact us, and tell us truthfully how they appreciated our service to them. Their is so important! We collect these from direct contact, mail, emails or social media and we appreciate the feedback. Here are a few highlights of what people are saying about us:

Jobbers did an amazing job with this short-notice pack and non-temporary storage. I wasn’t available to do an in-person survey prior to the move, so they were nice enough to do a phone-survey instead. The packing crew also did a great job. They were very professional and treated all of my belongings with care. Whenever they were unsure of what do pack versus what not to pack, they always asked to ensure I was happy with the service. The loading crew also did a fantastic job and made sure everything was properly inventoried and packed before departing. Thanks for a great moving experience.
— Nate Naidas 2-4-17 Facebook
I was so pleased with the 2 young movers (Carl & Vii) that helped me with my local move. I would recommend them to everyone. They worked nonstop even though it was hot and they were dripping wet from the heat. They were polite to everyone they came in contact with.
— Barb Ruzynski via email
THANK YOU so much for the exceptional service we received from Allied/Jobbers Moving & Storage as we made our recent move across Minnesota! We were delighted at how close the actual cost came to the estimate —no big surprises. And our lead mover, Shane - who ended up unloading our ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD by himself on the far end because some independent contrctors he had hired to assist him never showed - was EXCEPTIONAL! He was AWESOME to work with! He was pleasant and friendly, easy-going and EXTREMELY hard-working. Thanks so much for a great move!
— Heidi Mann - via Facebook
Thanks for the wonderful job of packing and moving my mother’ s many treasured possessions including antiques and a grand piano. Your work crews were polite, considerate and professional. The driver assigned to the task is most considerate and helpful. Feeling very safe with mom’s things in his hands. Thanks again for a job well done.
— Kelley Guymer
Our Heroes! I moved a lot of House Hold Goods in my younger years. DJ, Cameron, and Jason are a great hard working group. Conscientious and minimal unavoidable damage. Huge Thanks.
— Ron Mayer, B1717
I was very appreciative of your employees help moving our furniture during the flood.
— Elise Leitch, B1091
You are excellent. No one else can do the work you do with the attitude you have.
— Judy Johnson, B1665
The performance of these guys was over and above what we ever could have expected.
— Ralph Solhjem, F1102
Jason and Manuel were FANTASTIC! Hard workers and very collegial. Give them both a raise!
— Andy Bartel, B1755
Guys did a good job. Took arm work to get that freezer up 12 stairs and down two into the garage. Thanks for the hard work.
— Paul Meyers, B1833
Very satisfied with the service your employees provided and at a very reasonable cost.
— Dr. K.E. Broadhurst, A1039
Jobbers shipped our Household Goods to Ghana and the experience was great. They again got the contract for consumable shipment July 09. We sold our house July 09 and had to store stuff at our own expense, called Jobbers for suggestions, seemed like perfect solution (warehouse storage). Steve was very helpful. DJ did both HHG and storage. Awesome! Kevin did great! Thanks Jobbers!
— Michelle Holly, B5411-S
Everyone was great! Made moving so easy and a lot less stress for us! Will definitely recommend to others; including our Real Estate agent to get the word out! Thank You!
— Kristi Hintz, B1865
All the guys worked very hard and didn’t waste any time. They all did a great job and deserve pats on the back for all their hard work! it was very much appreciated!
— Chris Boston, B2523
Everything went so smoothly with our move!!! They were here right on time and did a beautiful job of all they did. I feel that it all reflects back on you, the care and thoughtful attention you gave us was outstanding. You really do know your business!!!
— Janet Esser, B4036-I
Zack and Tyler did an excellent job! They took cartons, boxes and totes upstairs and downstairs almost faster than I could check them off the sheet They put together a couple tables and a bed without complaint I would definitely request their help again. Thank you!
— Cindy Brown
Joe, Kevin, and Andy were professional, courteous and efficient. We really appreciate their sense of humor and kindness, given the circumstances (flooding).
— Beth Hughes, B1700
They were respectful, professional, hard working, worked as a team and were willing and determined to get the job done. They had a very difficult desk to move into an odd location.
— Dept of Human Services, B1761
Great job. Great people. Couldn’t be happier.
— Ray Deboer, B1778
You all are excellent. We in our family always feel cherished and taken care of when moving.
— Judy Johnson, B1665
I did business for years with Chuck. I have the utmost esteem for Steve. I was very pleased with he work Joe and Andy did. I thought they were prompt, courteous and expedient in their duties.
— Brian Reinbold, B1807
I was pleased with my entire experience with Jobbers; from the first consultant until the last box was moved in. Everyone was courteous and handled our household with care. Thank you so much!
— Ardis Halvorson, A1080
Our crew couldn’t have been better... So professional... So great to work with you! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
— Jim Poolman, B1810
There are so many horror stories on the internet...Joy and Randy showed up at the promised time and proceeded to inventory and pack the moving van in record time. Joy and Randy were professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to do business with. They delivered exactly when they said they would. They unloaded the truck and placed everything where we wanted it and were happy and friendly during the whole experience.
— Viki Smith, B0626-I
The staff at Jobbers were very professional and easy to work with. The crews who packed and unpacked our belongings were courteous, careful and very knowledgably. Great Service!
— Jeanne Schindler, A1060
Jerry and Steven were great! They got in there and did a quick and very efficient job. They were done in no time. They unloaded things in an organized way. I was and am very happy and pleased with the whole experience.
— Mike Monroe, A1099
Fred is an asset to your company and I feel that you should do whatever you can to keep him in your employ. He will keep your customers happy and coming back...
— Danny Groshong