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Think Inside the Box

Records are vital to every organization, but after an initial period of use, they become an obstacle to maximum efficiency in an office. They take up valuable office space and require management time which could be devoted to more current items. Jobbers recognizes this problem. Our Business Records Division provides a practical and economical solution.

Impeccable records need space to grow.  Jobbers Moving and Storage is a full service Commercial Records Management facility. Our business is to help you solve your record storage problems, and offer an alternative to the use of semi-active and inactive records.  The quality of your records will not be jeopardized by humidity or temperature extremes.  Jobbers will store your records at a fraction of what it costs you now. The contents of 12 standard filling cabinets or 75 one cubic cartons can be stored for minimal monthly charge, and belinked to 24 hour monitoring service that immediately notifies the Bismarck Fire Department. Our facility is protected by fully monitored security systems. Your records are safer than in your own office.  We can deliver your records within one hour. Jobbers Employees will pick up and deliver to your requested location.  Jobbers Moving and Storage has record containers available in all sizes. This saves you money on expensive filing cabinets as well as valuable office space.

We offer a complete range of facilities for storage and protection of your files. Our staff is trained to manage and organize these records to your greatest convenience and advantage.

Developing a Records Management Program is a management function. We are ready to discuss your particular requirements, outline cost savings and develop a program that will cover the entire life of your records and schedule their eventual destruction.

In your office, we will catalog and assign retention schedules to your records as they transfer from active life in costly office space to semi-active life in economical Records Center space in custom designed record cartons. This will reduce the cost of keeping these records up to 80%.

Businesses find our storage center the ideal place to store their old files, records, tax reports and ledgers. They're safe, private and easy to get to. We have the space and the ideal management system. So you can get back to the business of running your business.

Availability: 8:00 to 5:00 daily. 
Prompt removal from your offices.
Disposal of records with certified receipts.